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How to sell on Amazon - A complete guide

How to sell on Amazon – A Complete Guide

Do you want to sell your products in online marketplace like Amazon ?

If, yes then you are in the right place. In this post i will show you how to sell products on Amazon. Also, I will share what are the things you will need before selling products in Amazon.

So first we discuss about what are things we need before sell on Amazon :

  • Trade name (Company or Business name)
  • Your Bank Account Details for receiving payments from Amazon
  • Tax (GST/PAN) Details of your business. Before sell on Amazon you will need a GST number. If you don’t have GST number for your online business then you can go to the given link “How to register for GST” and apply for it.
  • Gmail
  • Mobile Number
  • Valid Address¬†(A place where you will be run your online business)

Now, Let's start for "How to sell on Amazon"

mixupinfo - sell on amazon
  • Open Amazon app from your mobile phone OR if you don’t have Amazon application in your mobile phone then open browser in your mobile or in laptop and search for Amazon.
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  • Scroll down and go to the footer part and click on “Sell on Amazon
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  • Now, click on “Start Selling” button. If you are not login already on Amazon then a pop window will be open.¬†
mixupinfo - sell on amazon-5
  • Enter your login credentials and click on sign in button.
mixupinfo - Sell on amazon-6
  • Now, enter your company/business name, click on seller agreement and click on Continue button.
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  • After clicked on continue you will automatically redirected on seller information page.
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  • Now, enter your “Store Name” and click on Check Availability. After that “Select Products Category”
mixupinfo - sell on amazon-9
  • After entered store name and select products category, click on “Continue” button.
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  • After clicked on continue, Select your shipping method. Know more about shipping method here – “SHIPPING METHOD
mixupinfo - sell on amazon-11
  • After choosing shipping method, Click on “Next”
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  • After clicked on Next, a new window will be open. Click on “Enable Two-Step Verification”
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  • A approve notification is sent to your registered mobile number. Now approved it and go to the next section.


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