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How to develop wordpress website

How to develop wordpress website

For developing WordPress Website or Blog, first we need two things:  

1). A Domain  

2). A Hosting Platform.   

There are lot’s of domain registrars and hosting platforms are available. But here I will recommend you to choose Best and cheapest domain registrars and hosting platforms :

*** As a beginner I highly recommend you to choose HOSTINGER because it is one of the Best, Cheapest, Fast, Reliable, 24*7 Customer Supports, A free Domain for a year, Free SSL and even you can buy hosting platform for a month. So this is one of the best part if you want to do some experiments or you are a beginner.

Now, after purchased both domain and hosting platform now it’s time to develop the wordPress website from scratch.

I purchased my hosting platform from Hostinger. So I will show each steps on Hostinger C-Panel. It’s not matter where you purchased your hosting platform the process is same for every web host C-Panel.

Now let’s begin !

Step 1). Open your browser and search for hosting platform. As I already said I used Hostinger so I search for hostinger 

search for hostinger

Step 2). Click on your hosting platform link (in my case is

click on

Step 3). Now click on login and go to your hosting platform

login on hostinger

Step 4). Enter your login credentials and click on Log In button

enter your login credential

Step 5). If you set for Two-factor Authentication then enter the code and click on Verify button

Enter your 2FA code

Step 6). Now you are in the Dashboard. Click on Hosting if you are used other hosting platform then search for Hosting or Web Host

click on Hosting

Step 7). Click on Add Website button

click on add website

Step 8). Enter your Domain Name & password and then click on Add Website button. You can see at the top right corner side in the image that Website created successfully

enter your domain name

Step 9). Now go to back or click on Hosting. You saw your domain is added. Now click on Manage button

go to hosting

Step 10). Now scroll down and go to Website section and click on Auto Installer

Auto installer

Step 11). Now scroll down and select WordPress

select wordPress

Step 12). Now enter the details like: Administrator Username/Password/Email, Website Tittle, Database Password for install your WordPress website

enter the details

Step 13). After enter the details click on Install button


Step 14). Now enable Force Https. So it’s help to secure your website and convert http to https. After that click on Preview My website button

preview my website

Step 15). Your website is ready for editing, adding, importing themes etc. Next we see how to setup like a professional website

website ready

Step 16). Now it’s time to convert your dummy website into professional website. So for that go to your browser and in the URL section and type like this A window will be open as shown in the image. Now enter your login credentials which are created in C-Panel and press the Log In button

admin login

Step 17). After logged in, you are automatically redirected to wordPress dashboard


Step 18). Now go to Appearance and then select Themes

Appearance - theme

Step 19). Now click on Add New button as shown in the image

add new theme

Step 20). If you have zip file of your website then you can simply import here. If not then follow the next steps

upload zip file

Step 21). There are lot’s of free themes available but as a beginner I recommend you to choose ASTRA theme. Astra theme provide professional look including all type of website and blogs. Now click on Install button and then click on Activate

search for astra

Step 22). Now go to Plugins section and then click on Add New


Step 23). Now search for Starter Templates. This plugin helps you to provide amazing, attractive and lot’s of free templates 

search for starter template

Step 24). Now go to Plugins and then select Starter templates

plugins - starter templates

Step 25). Now search which type of Templates you want. In this blog post I will show two templates which are absolutely free 

Now search
  • E-Commerce
  • Travell Blog

Step 26). After choosing your favourite template now it’s time to import the site. So just click on Import Complete Site

Import complete site

Step 27). If elementor plugin is not installed automatically then go to plugin section and click on Add New


Step 28). Search for elementor and then click on Install Now button and then Activate it

search for elementor

Step 29). After that go to your website page where you want to modify and change. And then click on Edit with Elementor


Step 30). After clicked on edit with elementor, it will look like as shown in the images. Now select your structure type and click on it

select structure

Step 31). Now drag and drop what you want to add on your structure. As you can seen here I added Text and Images


Step 32). Now click on Choose Image and upload the image you want

select image

Step 33). You can insert image from Insert Media or you can directly upload image from your device

upload image

Step 34). Select image from your device and then click on Open button

select image

Step 35). After added text, images or videos as your requirements finally click on UPDATE button


Step 36). That’s it. Similarly you can modify each pages, post etc in your wordPress website by using Elementor plugin


If you have any doubt and questions related to this blog post then feel free to ask me.

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