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how to buy products from amazon

How to buy products from Amazon

In last post we covered “How to register on Amazon“. Now in this post we will see “How to buy products from Amazon”.

The process of buying products from Amazon is same in mobile application (Amazon app) or from browser (Google chrome, Safari etc).

So, here I will show you a step by step process to buy products from Amazon.

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  1. Open your Amazon mobile application or browser.
  2. Now, In the search bar box; search for the product which one you want to buy (for example here I search for wireless earphone).
  3. Chose the product that you want to buy. 
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4. Now click on “Buy Now” button.

5. Fill your details on “Add a new address”

6. Click on “Add Address” button.

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7. Select a payment option (like UPI, Netbanking, Debit/Credit card or COD/POD) and then click on “Continue” button.

8. After selection of payment option, click on “Place Your Order”

9. Your product is successfully ordered.

Now click on “Continue Shopping” button and wait for 3-5 days. Delivery time depends on the state or city. In some state or city the order is just receive by 1-2 days but in maximum city it takes 3-5 days.

You can also check the video “How to buy products from Amazon” on my YouTube channel “mixupinfo

In next Blog we are talking about “How to cancel ordered products on Amazon


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