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application for filling clarification in gst

Application for filling clarification in GST

Hello everyone, are you searching blog and video for how to fill “Application for filling clarification in GST” then you are in the place. Here, I will show you guys how to do it by a step-step process with images so you guys do it easily. 

Now let’s begin for how to fiil “Application for filling clarification in GST”.

  • So, first open your browser (Google chrome,Safari or what you have) and then search GST in the search bar
search gst
  • Now click on the first link that is GST
searched gst
  • After clicked on GST a new window is open. Now click on Services -> Registration -> Application for filling clarifications.
application for fillinf clarifications
  • After clicked on Application for filling clarifications, login by TRN and enter your credentials and click on proceed now enter the otp which is sended in both your email and in mobile number.
login by trn
  • After submitted, you will be directed on the new window. Now search your application by enter your Reference number of notice or by ARN (Application reference number).
search by arn
  • After search, a new window will be open. Now click on “Yes” and then click on proceed button.
  • After clicked on proceed, you will redirected where you will fill. Also, the same thing will be sent to you via your gmail.
  • Now enter query response as what they requested by you. In my case i needed shop and establishment act certificate and principal place of business. So, in first query response I written “Shop and establishment act certificate” and in 2nd query I provided rental rental agreement .
query documents
  • Now upload your documents according to the tax department query. And then click on the box and enter your place name and click “Submit with EVC”. After click on it you will get an otp now enter the otp and then click on “Validate otp”. Now your application is submitted.
application submitted

Now, thats how you guys fill “Application for filling clarification in GST”

If you don’t like reading then you can go to the video. Here I made a Hindi video for the same topic so you can do it very easily.

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Thank You !


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