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App removed by Google

Is your app removed by google ? or your app is not compliant with Google Play Policies ? Then this blog post is for you !

In this post I will show you why your app is removed by google and what are things change on it, so your app will be again live on Google Play Store !

If you have also the same issues with your app then read the full post.

Step 1). Open your Google Play Console account and click on the app which is removed by Google.

Step 2). Now go to Grow -> Store presence -> Main store listing and then scroll down and change the App name

Step 3). Your app name should be only 30 characters or less, don’t use promotion keywords like free and also don’t use year unless required to identify a brand or app version.¬†

To know more about Google latest policy visit – Google play developer program policies link :…

Step 4). After changed the name click on Save button

Step 5). Also don’t use promotion keywords, special characters in short description

Step 6). Now change in short description and then click on Save button

Step 7). Now change hig-res app icon to normal icon and then click on Save button

Step 8). After all change made click on All apps

Step 9). Now you can see your app is ready to send for review. Now click on the app

Step 10). Now click on Go to Publishing overview

Step 11). You can see, changed is successful. Now click on Send for review button

Step 11). You can see, changed is successful. Now click on Send for review button that’s it.

Your app is send for review to Google support team. Once they review your app and they found your app follow Google policies and then your app will be live in Google play store in 1-2 days.

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